The VersaDrive Drillsink is an innovative combined drilling & countersinking tool to save metalworkers time & increase hole accuracy by drilling & then countersinking fixing holes in one operation.

This combination tool provides perfect countersinking accuracy every time by locating the drilled hole in perfect alignment to the countersink. This helps prevent tool chatter and blunting commonly found with standard countersinks.





603070-08124 8mm Drill x 12.4mm Sink
603070-10165 10mm Drill x 16.5mm Sink
603070-11205 11mm Drill x 20.5mm Sink
603070-12205 12mm Drill x 20.5mm Sink
603070-13250 13mm Drill x 25mm Sink
603070-14250 14mm Drill x 25mm Sink


Product Benefits

  • Drill & Countersink in one easy operation
  • Perfect concentricity creates the perfect Countersink
  • Ground flutes for high accuracy and long life
  • High-Grade tool steel
  • High strength, non-slip shank design
  • GoldMax low-friction titanium coating to stop burn-out
  • Prevents the chattering of standard countersinks
HMT 90mm Drill Sink

8mm Drill x 12.4mm Sink, 10mm Drill x 16.5mm Sink, 11mm Drill x 20.5mm Sink, 12mm Drill x 20.5mm Sink, 13mm Drill x 25mm Sink, 14mm Drill x 25mm Sink