Draper 34964 Torque Wrench with a reversible ratchet head, Nm and lb-ft engraved on the barrel of the wrench with a micrometer type sleeve allowing accurate preset torque values to be quickly and accurately set. When torque is reached the wrench produces an audible click and a release of tension, marked range 65Nm to 450Nm / 51.6-291 lb-ft. The overall length of this 34964 Torque Wrench is 840mm and a calibration certificate is supplied with the torque wrench


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  • 3/4″ sq drive
  • Overall length 670mm
  • Range 65Nm to 450m
  • Reversible ratchet head
  • Micrometer type sleeve
  • Scale marked on barrel
  • Accurate preset torque values
  • Audible click and release
  • Full instruction manual
  • Individual calibration certificate
  • Blow mould case
  • Weight 3kgs