Attribute Value
Maximum Voltage 1000V ac
Safety Category CAT III 1000 V
Safety Category Level CAT III
Safety Category Voltage 1000V


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Product Details

For safe and reliable live indicationSuitable for non-contact AC voltage tests, earthing/ground connection checks,proper connection checks, broken wire detectionHigh sensitivity tester offering an extensive non-contact voltage detection range of 70-1000V ACBright red LED illumination & audible alarm on detection of AC voltageOn/Off switch to help preserve battery lifeIntegrated self-test function and green LED On indicatorInstallation category III 1000V offers protection against transient voltage spikes for the safe testing of fixed installationsDouble insulated to ensure safe use near live circuitryErgonomic, dual component body construction with handy pocket clipBatteries not included ( 2 x AAA)